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Break the foreign monopoly of Chinese building materials to achieve high-performance silicon nitride ceramic engineering production

Release time:2020-05-25
Recently, China building materials group co., ltd. independently developed and transformed the "annual output of 100 tons of high-performance silicon nitride ceramic production line" in zibo city, shandong province, which marks that China building materials successfully broke the foreign monopoly and realized the engineering production of high-performance silicon nitride ceramic materials.
Silicon nitride ceramic is a new type of advanced ceramic material, compared with other materials has excellent performance, its hardness is only second to diamond, its weight is only one third of steel, and has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wave penetration and other special properties, known as the best comprehensive performance of structural ceramics.
The cornerstone project is China's building materials with the completely independent research and development achievements of intellectual property rights, the main production after the production of silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls, silicon nitride substrate, silicon nitride insulation composite components and other products, mainly used in aerospace, electric cars, wind power, photovoltaic solar energy, precision casting, form a complete set of high-end equipment, military industry and other fields.