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Alumina wear-resistant tube product display

Release time:2020-05-25
This discovery discloses the preparation of aluminum oxide wear-resistant tube square from industrial sludge of li aluminum plant,
This discovery belongs to the comprehensive benefits of solid destruction, cut locally, it is an ecological situation craft scale. Due to the high price of precious metals, people have been researching the use of non-precious metal compounds to substitute for precious metals, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost of catalysts. The scale curve of fluorine ion is shown in the figure below. There were 550,000 vehicles, an increase of 20.84 percent year on year. There is a certain amount of monomer less monomer and a small amount of emulsifier formed in the micelle to form water phase. Fi in water is easy to be connected with ca+ and attached to bone charcoal particles. Using bone charcoal as filter material to filter water with high fluorine content can reduce the fluorine content in water. Cocatalyst is much by right amount on the same impregnated metal oxide and dispersion in the active group has the catalytic activity of metal part, generally choose the innocence of car exhaust gas purifying catalyst promotor above by alkali, alkaline earth and transition metal oxides such as composition, such as zirconia (zroz), titanium oxide (ti0), calcium oxide (cao), etc.
The invention relates to a catalyst technology for an alumina wear-resistant tube and its preparation method and its preparation method, in particular to an alumina wear-resistant tube catalyst and its preparation method and its preparation method. The carrier is the main component of the catalyst. As the skeleton of the active component, it can separate the active component and enhance the strength of the catalyst.
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Hours, screening, production of products alumina wear - resistant tube. Washing is to remove impurities. In accordance with the dealkalization efficiency, cheap pseudo-thin water to add binder so into the production of live aluminum ball can be used for hydrogen peroxide production. Through comparison, it is found that under the condition of the same addition amount, both rare earth metals and alkaline earth metals can keep the alumina profile unchanged. In response to errors and fallacies, the monolithic honeycomb carrier came into being. c
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